Speech Finals Held Today

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12 budding orators faced their nerves and spoke in front of their peers today during our public speaking contest. With a variety of topics from abolitionist great-great-grandfathers to New York City to women’s equality to bullying the speeches were well researched, well rehearsed and well presented.

Congratulations to the finalists:

Ashleigh Warren (bullying), 1st place

Paige Naylor (women in 3rd world countries and their rights), 2nd place

Kate Piggot (bullying), 1st runner up (and alternate should one of the speakers not be able to attend Sunday’s contest)

Michael Le (technology dependence and addiction), 2nd runner up (and alternate)

Mr. Stone was clearly very moved by the work put in by the speakers and we are all very proud of everyone who spoke today.

Thank you to the parents and teachers who helped revise and rehearse the speeches and especially to our judges, Mrs. Szostak, Mr. Khan, Mr. Mossor and Mr. Morrison.