Big Box of Cards-Thanks for your support!

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Through your support, our Big Box of Cards fundraiser was a huge success. We sold more than 420 boxes and raised more than $4200!

Top class: Mr Dowell’s class sold 99 boxes! Wow! Congratulations! Enjoy your pizza party.

Honourable mentions go to Mr. Kearse and Mr. Lowell’s classes.

The iPod draw winner was Camden S.

Students who sold 5+ boxes of cards:

Jaelyn J, Sam J, Lucas L, Nathaniel C, Adrienne C, Harry M, Rachael N, Ali D, Sam H, Kari B, Jayden K, Aislin A, Sam C, Parker C, Jacob H, McKenna J, Kalaney V, Noah C, Vanilla L

Students who sold 10+ boxes of cards:

Dean M, Allister F, Samantha K, Kayla T, Payton R, Camden S