Big Box of Cards

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All students will have received a Big Box of Cards by the end of the day. This is our big fall fundraiser this year. You get 33 cards for only $33. This is a fantastic deal as the cards are of excellent quality and they are less expensive than dollar store cards as tax is included.  Save yourself the stress of rushing to the store to get a card for an unexpected event. With the Big Box of Cards you have great quality cards for any occasion on hand. The Big Box of Cards also makes a great gift for that person who has everything.

All students are expected to keep their Big Box of Cards in excellent condition. It is to be used as a sample to show people what the cards look like but it will be sold when orders are filled. DO NOT sell the cards individually. ALL 33 cards MUST be returned. Sellers are responsible for the cost of their Big Box of Cards. Students will take orders for the Big Box of Cards, DO NOT sell the sample box when you are taking orders. It will be used later on to fill an order.

All orders must be in by Dec. 2. 

The student who sells the most boxes will win an iPod Touch. For every order you place you will be entered into a draw for an additional iPod Touch. The top selling class will win a pizza party.

Funds raised will go toward the cost of activities like our graduation ceremony, electives, clubs and outings.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Stone.