Yearbook Cover Art Contest

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What does Central mean to you? What are some of the things that make Central a great place to be? What opportunities were available to you as a student at Central this year? Mme Steffler wants you to create a piece of art to be used for the cover of the yearbook that reflects all of the awesome things that Central has to offer. Your art must be on 8.5×11 paper, have a 1cm border around the entire perimeter, include Central Senior School 2017-2018, be full colour and fill the space. You may submit digital works of art as long as it does not contain copyrighted materials.

Cover submissions are due to Mme Steffler by April 12. You may hand them to her directly or ask that they be put in her mailbox. No late submissions can be considered as the art needs to be sent to the publisher on time.