Back to School and Orientation

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It has come to our attention that the wrong date for our August orientation was posted in the slideshow during the orientation nights in June. Sorry for the confusion!

Orientation is at 1pm on Thursday, August 30. You can come in to tour the school, meet your teachers and buy a lock.

We provide most of what you will need to do your work.  If you would like some guidelines for back to school purchases and what to bring, here’s what we recommend:

  • A Dudley lock (you can buy them from the school at orientation or over the first few weeks and get free replacements should they jam)
  • Running shoes for gym/DPA plus gym clothes (we have change rooms)
  • Pencils and pens, headphones (they don’t have to be anything special, dollar store ones are fantastic!)
  • Most students like a large binder for any handouts. If you’re not super at keeping things organized, some people find a binder per subject helps reduce lost papers.
  • Some paper for your binder. Again, some prefer loose paper, others prefer a notebook. Keep in mind most classes use Google Classroom for notes and many lessons and handouts are delivered digitally.

Our new start time is 8:50 and our exit will be at 3. Lunch will run from 12:20 – 1:20. Remember, if you are not comfortable with your child going off property for lunch that is totally fine, we have lunch rooms open every day and many activities at lunch. Just sent a note to the school stating that you would like your child to remain on property. 

Save the Date: Picture day is September 4 and Meet the Teacher is September 12.