Woo Hoo!! Next Week is a Breakaway Week!

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We are so excited to share with you our plans for our Breakaway Week next week!  The focus is on the French Culture and Building Central Community with activities and tasks based on the French curriculum.  This is a mandatory week for all students.  While classes won’t be running as normal, all activities are tied to the curriculum and students will be assessed on their knowledge, thinking  and application of the concepts we will be learning about.

There is only one activity with a cost to it for the student.  Students who choose to go on the trip to Ste Marie among the Hurons will need to bring in $30 to cover the cost of the trip.  A popcorn and water package will be available at the movie theatre for $4 for those who would like a snack with the movie.   The toonie lunch on Tuesday will be pancakes to celebrate Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday.

Below is the schedule for the week.  Please note that there are changes to our lunch times on some of the days. We would love to have you join us for any of the events that are taking place!


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st block Opening ceremonies –

assembly in the gym


French Comedian

Denys Grignon will be

sharing his insights into

the French culture with

his comedy routine.

Story time in the Gym 1357

Mardi Gras masks 2468

Ste. Marie

among the Hurons

trip (8:30-4:30/5)

New France

Settlement Webquest

and other activities

planned for those at school.

Jamie Schmale presentation in the


Break early 10:15-10:25

Lacrosse 1&8

Broomball 2&7

Tchouk 3&6

Kinball 4&5

Story time in the Gym 2468

Mardi Gras masks 1357

Lacrosse 4&5

Broomball 1&8

Tchouk 2&7

Kinball 3&6

2nd block

Rm 1 – Krewe 1

Rm 2 – Krewe 2

Rm 6 – Krewe 3

Rm 4 – Krewe 4

Rm 5 – Krewe 5

Rm12 – Krewe 6

Rm 7 – Krewe 7

Rm 9 – Krewe 8

Final Mardi Gras Parade Prep

French movie at Century Cinemas

Grade 8’s

French Pop dance

in the Gym Grade 7’s

Lacrosse 3&6

Broomball 4&5

Tchouk 1&8

Kinball 2&7

11:50 – 12:20

Dixieland Band performance & presentation

Lacrosse 2&7

Broomball 3&6

Tchouk 4&5

Kinball 1&8

3rd block



1:45 pm

MARDI GRAS PARADE down Kent street


French movie at Century Cinemas

Grade 7’s

French Pop dance

in the Gym Grade 8’s



12:45 Duffle Bag theatre 5678/Parade Prep 1234

2:00 Duffle Bag theatre 1234

Parade prep 5678

1 – 2:30

LCVI Hockey Game at the Rec Complex