Week 12

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Welcome to Week 12 🙂  

We are digging into our second nine week learning block and looking forward to seeing many of you at the Parent Teacher Interviews tomorrow night. Here’s what’s on our minds this week…

Bus Cancellation Safe Arrival:  

When the buses are cancelled the following process for attendance will take place:

  1.  Students taking the bus will be marked absent due to inclement weather.  There is no need to contact the school if your child takes the bus as they will automatically be marked absent due to bus cancellations.
  2. Students that are not bussed will be marked as an unexplained absent if they do not arrive to school. For the students safety, parents are required to contact Central Senior School if their child is not attending. If we do not hear from the parent and the student is not in attendance, a safe arrival call will be sent out.
  3. Please note that due to the volume of calls that take place on snow days, it may be difficult to get through. It would be greatly appreciated if you could please continue to call until you reach our voice mail or live attendant.

MacMIllan’s order due – Nov. 30

Fresh from the Farm Pick up – Nov. 28 – 12 – 4 pm

Parent Teacher Interviews – Nov. 22, 4:30 – 8:30

PA Day – Nov. 23

Safe at School: We have updated our website.  There is now a Safe@School form to replace the former Bully Reporting.  Please go to the website and fill out the form if you would like to report any issues.

TLAC forms are available online at tldsb.ca or you can pick up a paper copy at the school office.

Clubs that I know about…  

  1. Games Club on Thursdays at lunch in Mme Steffler’s room.  Come play chess or any board game you enjoy.
  2. Guitar Club with Mr. Cameron is up and running.
  3. Stage Band, Concert Band and Choir with Ms. Smith, Ms. Byer and Ms. Northey are all going full steam.
  4. The Student Newsletter with Ms Hough is meeting to bring us our first issue of The Central TImes.
  5. Ms Hough also has her Knitting Club working away.
  6. Sewing Club with Mme Steffler meets Tuesdays after school.
  7. Me to We with Mme Dales and Mr Smeaton are busy making plans for their next venture.
  8. Intramural Volleyball is running full steam.  Thanks to Mr Hetherington for organizing and all the staff that are leading teams.  
  9. Boys and Girls Volleyball is well underway.

I want to say a big thank you to all the staff for giving their time to these clubs and to our parents for supporting our students by bringing them early and picking them up late.  Your commitment to extracurricular clubs and teams makes a big difference in our school culture.