Week 16

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Week 16

Happy Holidays!  We are now 40% of the way through the school year and we cannot believe how fast time is flying by!  We want to send out our very best thoughts to you during this holiday season.   May it be a restful relaxing time for you.

I cannot thank our School Council enough for the fantastic Festive Dinner they provided for the entire school.  It was so smoothly done and the staff and students were awed that their community cares enough about them to go to the trouble of feeding them a beautiful Festive Dinner.  A special thank you to Lisa Rodd and Christina Bean for being the main organizers and also to their elves for their all their work.

A few things to keep in mind for January 2019:

  1. Trent University Enrichment Program: I have attached the Student Invitation letter so you can read about the programs they offer to students. Please note that this is not a school supervised event.  While we collect the fees and confirm registrations, we do not provide transportation or supervision for this program.  If you choose to send your child to this event, you are responsible for transportation and supervision while there.  Registration will ALL be done online this year, and students should bring proof of their online submission to us. Payment will also be accepted here at Central Senior. The course book will be available for viewing starting on January 14th – the  link to the course book is https://www.trentu.ca/conferences/programs  Students may start to register on January 28th, with registration closing on February 22nd.

Trent U Enrichment Opportunity

  1. Grade 8 Heads Up:  January is when the high schools kick registrations into high gear.  We will be visited by both LCVI (Jan. 11 @ 9 am) and IE Weldon SS (Jan. 15 @ 1 pm).During these visits, students will have a presentation on what each high school offers for them.All students will hear from both high schools.Students will register with the high school of choice later in the month. I’ll pass those dates on when we have them. I’ve attached the poster for IE Weldons Info night.  I will pass LCVIs on when I receive it.

2019.Info Night poster.docx

3. Dental Screening: Jan. 23  All Grade 7 students will be screened unless we hear from you that you don’t want the screening to happen.

4. Heads Up Fundraiser coming:  We will be having a Little Caesar’s fundraising opportunity in January.  Forms will go home January 7 and returned January 18. Orders will be delivered Feb. 7 or 8.

Thank you again to all of you for the support you extend to us.  We know that student success hinges on supportive families and we appreciate all you are doing to give your child the best opportunities for success possible.

Wishing you the best of the holidays,

The Central Senior Staff