Week 17

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Welcome Back!

It’s great to see all of our students again. Watching them reconnecting with friends and staff, it reminds me that we have a great community here. This month we begin the process of looking ahead to next year.  Our Grade 8 students will be visited by both high schools this month and will be making their course selections.

Here are some activities to be aware of:

  1. The music/arts department will be Celebrity Servers at Boston Pizza on January 30th from 6-8pm. We have the opportunity to include silent auction items for additional fundraising. If you have items you could donate for us to auction, we would be most appreciative. They can be dropped off at the office for Mrs. Smith or Ms. Byer.
  2. High School Visits:
    1.  Jan. 11: LCVI Introductory Visit – 9 am
    2. Jan. 15: IE Weldon Introductory Visit – 10:45 am
    3. Jan. 30: LCVI bound students visit LCVI to choose Gr. 9 courses – 11 am
    4. Feb. 19: IE Weldon bound students choose Gr. 9 courses online. IE Weldon staff will be in attendance for assistance
  3. Little Caesar’s Fundraiser is underway. Order forms are due to the main office on January 18th.  Delivery of orders will be either February 7 or 8.
  4. We are planning for our next Breakaway week. Feb 4 – 8.  This week’s theme is S.T.E.A.M: We will be exploring topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  We are collecting materials to support the tasks for that week so if you have or could save the following items for us, we would really appreciate it.  You can drop items off at the main office any time before February 1st.

Materials Needed for STEAM Projects

Glue guns & glue




Pop bottles and other plastic containers

Scrap wood

Scrap paper

Things like springs, nuts and bolts

Paper tubes (wrapping paper tubes, paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, etc)


Discarded toys (like little plastic people or parts, for example)

Old CDs that you don’t want


Yogurt containers (and similar)




Copper wire

Plastic cutlery

Take-out chopsticks

Cotton balls

Coffee filters


Old decks of cards

Paper plates



  1. Auditions are coming! Auditions for the musical will take place the 2nd week back after holidays. Those who would like a speaking/singing role need to come prepared to sing a song and will be given a scene to perform.
  2. Career Day will be April 4th this year. We are looking for people to come and share their employment journeys with our students.

It could be that you would like to share what you do every day in your career or you could share where you began your employment journey and the twists and turns that road took or you may know someone who would be willing to come a talk with our students.

Each presentation will be 25 minutes long and you can either present twice during the first or second block of presentations or be available for all four time slots.  Time slots are 9:15, 9:45, 10:40 and 11:10.

Please contact the school by replying to this email or calling us at 705-324-4352.

  1. Dates to Remember:
    1. Jan 11: visit to LCVI for band performance – 1:30
    2. Popcorn Friday: We sell popcorn every Friday at lunch – $2 a bag
    3. Grade 7 dental survey is happening January 23.
    4. Grade 8 Graduation: June 26
    5. Choral Extravaganza: Our choir will be performing with other choirs February 9 at 7 pm @ Cambridge Street United.

Have a great week!