It’s January

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Welcome to 2020!

We are excited to see what this New Year brings.

  1. Time to Choose High School Courses

This time of year means that our Grade 8 students will be choosing their courses in the next few weeks.  LCVI will be visiting our Grade 8’s on January 13th to give them a presentation and information packets to go home for course selection.  Those students attending LCVI in the fall will go to LCVI on January 27th at 11 am to choose their courses for Grade 9.

IE Weldon dates will be chosen soon and those dates will come to you once they are finalized.

  1. February 3 – 7: Jungle Sport is here.

Watch for permission forms to come home soon.  We are asking each student to bring $10 to help cover the cost of this activity.  Students will access the Junglesport course 5 times over the week.

Junglesport sets up its climbing jungle gym in our school gymnasium and two qualified Junglesport instructors guide the students through a range of climbing and ropes course activities. There is always one teacher per class present in the gymnasium as well.

Junglesport supplies all the safety equipment required for all activities and each student is provided with a helmet and where appropriate, a harness. The helmets are constructed of a material that does not harbor lice and are cleaned on a regular basis.

All Junglesport activities follow strict safety rules.

Some of the activities on offer are: Wall Climbing; Traversing; Low Ropes; Ascending & Descending Static Lines; Obstacle Courses; Zip Ride and Gorilla Gym! The activities take place on the Junglesport structure in the safety and security of the school gymnasium.

Students will have the opportunity to try different activities, learn new skills, achieve success and increase self-awareness. To find out more information about Junglesport please visit their website or

  1. Good to Know:

Scientists know that our weight, mental health and immune system are connected to our sleep habits. So are our grades — to a surprising degree, a new study finds.

Sleep accounted for nearly one-fourth of the difference among students’ grades in a class. So even if you spend hours studying for a test but get too little and inconsistent sleep, you might still do poorly. And boys with poor sleep habits appeared to suffer most.

Read more about this study here: