January 13 Update

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It is chilly out there.  January is definitely here.  Here are a few things you need to know.

  1. Jungle Sport: This is a great opportunity for our students to have a field trip experience for 5 days in a row without leaving the school building. We are asking everyone to bring in $10 to help cover the cost. Please pop in and see it in action the week of Feb 3 – 7.
  2. Little Caesars: This fundraiser is on right now. Your students could accumulate funds through this fundraiser to help pay for their grade 8 trip
  3. It’s the time of year where head lice flourishes. Please check your child’s head on a regular basis.
  4. Looking for a Grad Dress? Ballroom Beauty has contacted us as they are closing on February 21st. Their program for girls to make a donation request for a dress will be in place until that date.  The contact number to set this up is 705-324-9158.  They currently have 25% off their dresses and will be getting about 300 new dresses in the near future.
  5. High School

LCVI: If your student is heading to LCVI this fall, please ask them to show you the information package they received from LCVI today.

IE Weldon: Students will be attending an information session Tuesday morning.  Students heading to IE Weldon this fall will be bringing home an information package following the session.

For both schools: The registration form and the course selection sheet needs to be returned to Central Senior ASAP. This ensures they are on the school roster and can enroll in classes for the fall.

6.  IE. Weldon is hosting a Power Pack Information Night on Wednesday 22 January from 7 to 9pm in the Weldon cafeteria. This information session is held in addition to the Grade 8 information night on January 30 in order to allow families to get the information they need about Power Pack and free them up to enjoy the Grade 8 night activities. A second session of the Power Pack information night will be held on the evening of the 30th for those families who cannot attend on January 22nd.  If you have questions about Power Pack or IB, please contact Erin Matthew, IB Coordinator, I.E. Weldon Secondary School 705-324-3585.