Labour update – January 16

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The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) announced today that their members will participate in a one-day, rotating strike (full withdrawal of services) on Tuesday, January 21, which will include Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB). This strike will take place if a new agreement with the province is not reached. Yesterday the Ontario Secondary Schools Teachers Federation (OSSTF) also announced a rotating one-day strike affecting TLDSB to take place on the same day.

If there is not a provincial agreement, all TLDSB schools will be closed to students on Tuesday, January 21. The ETFO strike will affect all TLDSB elementary teachers, elementary occasional teachers, and Designated Early Childhood Educators (DECE) staff. The OSSTF strike will affect all secondary teachers and secondary occasional teachers. Schools will be open to students again, and teachers and DECE staff will return to work on Wednesday, January 22.

Both OSSTF and ETFO continue job action during the school day. We hope that provincial agreements can be reached very soon.

All other TLDSB staff are not included in this job action on January 21. A provincial agreement with CUPE has been reached. The school board is currently negotiating a local contract with CUPE, which includes TLDSB secretaries, educational assistants, custodians, clerks, technicians, and maintenance workers.

Daycares, before and after school programs, and community use of school after-hours programs, are not affected by the strike. All bus transportation will be cancelled for January 21 if schools are closed to students.

There is financial support available to parents of eligible children for each day of school that is missed due to labour disruption. Parents and guardians of TLDSB students are asked to visit the Ministry of Education website or the dedicated Support for Parents Helpline at 888-444-3770.

We hope that a provincial agreement with both ETFO and OSSTF can be reached very soon. Updates will be provided to you as more information becomes available.

To find out the status of labour action in TLDSB continue to visit