Weekly Update – Jan. 30

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January is almost at an end. Welcome to February.

We will be running Jungle Sport next week.  If there is a teacher strike, Jungle Sport will happen on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday rather than the full week. We have asked each family to contribute $10 toward the cost of this experience.  This helps to cover half of the cost if every student were to contribute. The school will be paying for the other half of the cost.

Little Caesars delivery is currently scheduled for Thursday, February 6. Should this be a strike day, we will be rescheduling the delivery for another date. Stay

It’s the time of year where head lice flourishes.  Please check your child’s head on a regular basis.

Grade 9 registration: Please ensure you have returned both the registration form and the course selection forms to the school ASAP. The high schools need to plan for fall courses and need accurate numbers.

Ben’s Kettle Corn will be here Tuesday to sell popcorn.  Each bag is $2.

We are beginning a tuck shop. We will be selling items that meet nutritional guidelines every first break. Money raised will go to help pay for experiences like Jungle Sport and others as well as buying equipment and supplies for students.

Grad Photos are happening Feb. 13, 2020.