Yard Supervision

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As we roll in to nicer weather, it is important that parents help us ensure their children adhere to our guidelines around adequate yard supervision before and after school.

Staff are not available to supervise students prior to 8:40 am. Students should not be arriving to school prior to this time. If students are on school premises (inside or outside) before 8:40, it must be under direct supervision of a parent/guardian who assumes all liability should an injury occur.

Students arriving to school to partake in Breakfast Club may enter the school via the north doors but must be in Breakfast Club under the direct supervision of the Breakfast Club staff. Breakfast Club begins at 8:30 am.

Our school day ends at 2:55pm. The expectation is that all children proceed immediately home or to a place where care is being provided. Students should not be remaining on the school grounds after the 2:55 bell unless they are waiting for their bus or participating in a staff supervised after school program consented to by a parent/guardian. Bussed students will be supervised until their bus departs.

Parents/guardians whose children habitually arrive on school grounds before 8:40 (or remain after 2:55) without adult supervision will receive a reminder phone call from the school asking for support in maintaining safety by ensuring adequate supervision at all times.

Should there be any questions or concerns about these guidelines please call and speak to the school principal.