Friday Update – March 26

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We need your help! The Central Senior School Council is planning for Career Day 2021!  This is the day when we have students hear from people in a wide variety of careers.

This year, Career Day will be held virtually on June 2, 2021. We are looking for presenters. Please let us know if you would be willing to participate in our Career Day. There are a number of options you can choose from:

  1. Host a live virtual presentation. Classes would log on to hear your presentation followed by a Q & A.
  2. Make a video that students could watch to learn about your career. We hope to create a Video Library with a wide-ranging number of careers. Your video could include information like:
    1. Describe what a day in the life of a[INSERT YOUR CAREER HERE] looks like
    2. What education you required for this position and if none then what path you had to take to become a [INSERT YOUR CAREER HERE].
    3. Any other info that you feel may be relevant. 

      Videos can be any length that works for you. These videos will be shown to the students and students may create a list of questions that we would send to you via email.

      We are asking that the videos be submitted by the end of April.

3. Present live! These presentations would be held outside following all COVID protocols of masking and physical distancing.

If you are willing to be a Career Day Presenter, please contact us be replying to this email or calling 705-324-4352.


Grad Photos!

April 6: Grad Photos for Classes 81, 82, 84 and 86

April 9: Grad Photos for Class 87

Students in Class 83 have been contacted with the time and date for their photos.

Students will be wearing graduation gowns in the photos.  It is recommended that students wear a white collared shirt for best results. Ties are optional 😊