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Peterborough Regional Science Fair

Are you the next Bill Nye? Have you been blinded by science? Here’s your chance to show what you know, gain some cool skills and maybe win a prize! Registration is open until... Read More

I.E. Weldon Visit

Tomorrow (Tuesday, January 17) representatives from I.E. Weldon will be here to talk about their programming and course selection process. Any students going to Weldon or who are undecided will be attending the... Read More

Grade 7-Wanakita Information

The grade 7 trip to Camp Wanakita in Haliburton is fast approaching! The trip dates are Jan. 23-24. Due to a clerical error, some of the initial paperwork for the trip was completed... Read More

School Schedule

First Bell 8:35

Period 1 8:42-9:32

Period 2 9:32-10:22

Break 10:22-10:43

Period 3 10:43-11:33

Period 4 11:33-12:23

Lunch 12:23-1:03

Period 5 1:03-1:53

Period 6 1:53-2:43